This quarter marks the first year of Emeldi’s participation in the Customer Experience Exchange for Telecoms in London, where key decision makers – actively seeking to invest in CX solutions within the next 12 months – look for inspiration from solution providers on the latest and greatest trends within the area of Customer Experience.
Group CEO Dusan Bystriansky, and Director of Business Development Alistair Oldfield, took the opportunity as exhibitors at the event to meet with top telecom executives and unveil the latest exciting pack of product features recently released in Emeldi Commerce ranging across the following areas of Customer Experience:

  • Customer Journey Mapping
  • Customer/Channel Loyalty – Rewards Programmes
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Customer Experience Management
  • Online Customer Experience
  • On-Demand Customer Experience
  • Web Portal Enhancements
  • Digital Asset Management
  • Self Service Tools
  • Multi-Channel Integration / Unified Communications
  • Customer Interaction Management
  • Customer Complaints Management
  • Customer Communications Management
  • Usability
  • Mobile APIs
  • Service CRM, Activation, fulfilment
  • Contact Centre Solutions
  • Customer 360 view panel
  • Digital commerce on a cloud

Since the event, Emeldi has been in multiple discussions with Digital Strategists and representatives from numerous Telecoms across Europe and Asia who were in attendance, providing consultancy service on establishing successful Omni-channel strategies within their organizations.
Emeldi is rapidly establishing itself as not only a prominent customer experience solutions provider for the CSP space in the region, but also as a strategical consulting partner bringing a new perspective and offering the best insights on how its customers to effectively differentiate themselves through enhancing of the customer experience they provide across all channels.

Emeldi will continue to pursue its outreach to the global CSP community through such events, and continue to provide its key insights on optimizing digital transformation, differentiators, and its product’s unique selling points specifically addressing telecom processes and requirements, compared to the other market players.