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Alistair Oldfield

Alistair is leading Emeldi pre-sales processes and advising Emeldi management teams on best practice in delivering digital commerce solutions. He has been working with Emeldi in various roles from 2005, and over the years has amassed a combined 70,000 man days of project implementation within the Telecommunications, and Financial sectors.

We are entering an age where the telecom end-customer is a digitally- enabled consumer. One who judges its Communications Service Provider (CSP) not on the contents of its now commoditized product portfolio, but rather on how the relationship with a CSP affects her or his customer journey experience.

Differentiation of customer engagement approach rather than service offering has become the focus of investment for the telecommunications vertical. It will continue to drive CSP’s IT expenditures for the next decade.
The lines between physical and online sales channels in the telecom sector are becoming increasingly blurred. Leads for sales, whether finally transacted online or at a physical store, will more likely than not be initiated on one (or several channels), whilst converted in another.
During the summit we will present and explore several key success criteria for successfully implementing an Omni-channel digital commerce strategy specifically tailored to the CSP space:

• Defining what Omni-channel digital commerce means in the CSP space
• Exploration of the dichotomy between physical & online channels for the end-consumer
• How to achieve radical simplification of perspective & laying the foundation of Omni-channel for CSPs