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Although the new age of digital commerce is driven by an innovating force, many telecom operators are still searching for what it means to fully embrace the importance of a true omni-channel commerce environment and are lagging behind their competition (or missing out on massive opportunities).

Both shopping online and in stores have become a part of customers‘ daily routine and are an integral part of the shopping culture. Customers expect a unique brand experience across all channels. Successful telecom operators have long recognized the intrinsic nature of their customers’ shopping behaviour. They understand the need to meld the virtual and the physical selling worlds.

During this roadshow we will focus on the application of the omni-channel concept for a telecom sector setting and how it contributes to the overall consumer’s brand experience. While this concept is showcased in the telecom market space, digital commerce in other industry segment are facing similar challenges. We will also demonstrate the trend of closing the gap between online and physical selling worlds through the live demo of our Omni-Touch platform.

Presentation by Alistair Oldfield and Rudolf Krammer

Alistair is leading Emeldi pre-sales processes and advising Emeldi management teams on best practice in delivering digital commerce solutions. He has been working with Emeldi in various roles from 2005, and over the years has amassed a combined 7,000 man days of project implementation within the Telecommunications, and Financial sectors.