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Emeldi Announces Joining TM Forum


Toronto, Canada - TM Forum, a non-profit member organization, helps communications service providers (CSPs) and their suppliers to digitally transform and thrive in the digital era. It provides an open, collaborative environment and practical support which enables CSPs and suppliers to rapidly transform their business operations, IT systems and ecosystems to capitalize on the opportunities...

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Emeldi partners with CROSS to build the bridge between OSS and BSS


Prague, Czech Republic - Emeldi Group is pleased to announce a partnership with CROSS Network Intelligence (CNI). CROSS is a next generation operational network inventory system designed to unify Physical, Logical and Service inventory into a single operational view of the network. The system enables top down queries identifying network components associated with a service, as...

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How Conversational Commerce (Chatbots) is Transforming the Telecom Industry


Have you met Ted? On his way back home, Ted picks up his phone, like almost everyone else in the bus. He is on Facebook Messenger with his girlfriend trying to figure out where to meet for dinner. In another chat head, he is making plans with his friends for their weekend road trip. A...

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Emeldi market presence continues to grow as Emeldi introduces a new Integrated IT Solutions partner - CROZ - into its expanding partner network


Prague, Czech Republic- Through a newly established partnership with CROZ, Emeldi is starting off 2017 with a strong step forward by extending and deepening our market coverage globally- a key part of our long term strategic growth plans. Based in Zagreb, Croatia, CROZ focuses on providing system integration services in over 15 countries. This newly formed partnership...

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