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Emeldi market presence continues to grow as Emeldi introduces a new Integrated IT Solutions partner - CROZ - into its expanding partner network


Prague, Czech Republic- Through a newly established partnership with CROZ, Emeldi is starting off 2017 with a strong step forward by extending and deepening our market coverage globally- a key part of our long term strategic growth plans. Based in Zagreb, Croatia, CROZ focuses on providing system integration services in over 15 countries. This newly formed partnership...

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Emeldi Commerce® becomes part of the European Commission’s mission to drive innovation in the digital domain


Prague, Czech Republic– The European Commission’s European Regional Development Fund wants to become part of the action and has awarded Emeldi with an investment grant supporting both product innovation and the development of its roadmap as envisioned by our telecom industry leading experts. The Commission’s grant - aimed at placing investment into companies which are...

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Emeldi sets new cyber security benchmark with Cyber Essentials certification


Prague, Czech Republic– In a world where cyber threats are ever evolving, Cyber Essentials was initiated by the UK government in 2014 with the mission to set an official standard for cyber security management for companies globally. Today, over 700 companies globally are Cyber Essential certified, and as of October 6, Emeldi is pleased to...

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Emeldi and Valomnia forge a new technology partnership


Prague, Czech Republic- Emeldi and Valomnia forge a new technology partnership, incorporating Salesforce Mobility and mobile Distribution Processes into its Omni-channel digital-commerce ecosystem. As the Omni-channel experience extends its reach across an ever-increasing number of touchpoints and user roles, Emeldi and Valomnia have joined forces to incorporate Mobility on the Field, POS Contracts Dematerialization, and...

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