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Emeldi and Valomnia forge a new technology partnership


Emeldi and Valomnia forge a new technology partnership, incorporating Salesforce Mobility and mobile Distribution Processes into its omni-channel digital-commerce ecosystem. As the omni-channel experience extends its reach across an ever-increasing number of touchpoints and user roles, Emeldi and Valomnia have joined forces to incorporate Mobility on the Field, POS Contracts Dematerialization, and Distribution Management functionality...

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Emeldi and NTS Retail Announce Partnership to deliver a next generation integrated Omni-channel digital commerce platform for its telecommunications customers


London U.K. and Linz Austria – Emeldi is thrilled to announce its partnership with NTS Retail, a leading provider of Retail Management Software and recognized worldwide within the Telecom industry. Through the integration of Emeldi’s online telecom digital commerce application and NTS Retail’s physical retail management software, both companies are meeting at the intersection between the...

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Join us in Prague on June 28th for the roadshow: Omni-channel – Melding the virtual and the psychical selling worlds


Generally considered the innovating force driving the new age of digital commerce, many telecom operators are still searching for what it means to fully embrace this important distinction, and are lagging behind their competition (or missing out on massive opportunities) in establishing a true omni-channel commerce environment. Both shopping online and in stores have become a part of...

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Emeldi is now Liferay partner in the USA and Canada


We are pleased to announce that Emeldi has become Liferay partner in the USA and Canada, extending existing partnership with Liferay in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, UK and Ireland. Establishment of Liferay partnership in Canada and USA is in line with the Emeldi Group long term strategy of expanding business interests in North America. Liferay...

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