Prague, Czech Republic – Emeldi Group is pleased to announce a partnership with CROSS Network Intelligence (CNI).

CROSS is a next generation operational network inventory system designed to unify Physical, Logical and Service inventory into a single operational view of the network. The system enables top down queries identifying network components associated with a service, as well as bottom up queries optimizing capacity management, services sales and revenue assurance.

Emeldi Commerce® is a unified Omni-channel/CRM platform focused specifically on the Communication Service Providers (CSP) digital commerce space. Its product catalogue sitting at the center of the customer experience is designed to address the specific technical nuances and business complexities of the telecommunications vertical.

The partnership between Emeldi Group and CROSS Network Intelligence builds a concrete bridge between Telco network view (OSS) and the business world (BSS). “We are very pleased with this alliance which will enable us to provide our clients with end-to- end solution underpinned by combined knowledge, skills and expertise in these domains.” said Dusan Bystriansky, CEO of Emeldi Group.