CRM Replacement Services

At Emeldi we have profound experience in replacing legacy CRM solutions (such as Oracle Siebel CRM and others) for Telecom operators – bringing in a fully Telco-focused CRM standard product which can easily be integrated and configured due to it’s Microservice architecture.

Unification of all backend silos as well as frontend channels

Increased CX through seamless and consistent customer journey enablement.

Fully scalable solution enables your growth without any IT hassle.

Turn call center operator staff into an effective sales force by providing them with a powerful set of tools for engaging callers with personalized offers and transforming support call tickets into up-sale conversions.

  • Increase Net Promoter Scores (NPS), make sense of customers’ past interactions with your brand, and discern predictive and personalized customer care outcomes.
  • Grant an unprecedented amount of ease to marketers in designing and accessing all processes and data within the digital commerce ecosystem.
  • Immediately call up customer data, discern the best course of action, and maximize the productivity of support agents through intuitive, and feature-rich account management services.
  • Emeldi Commerce Omni-channel Platform is built on unified architecture which gives you a converge in both Digital commerce and CRM functionality into a single application.
  • Designed following best-in-breed Omni-channel principles, Emeldi Commerce

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