About us

Emeldi Group is a privately held, leading software provider to the telecommunications industry. Established in 1998, a disruptive product offering Emeldi Commerce® – an enterprise grade, unified Omni-Channel commerce and CRM application specifically designed for the communications vertical, supporting products, services & customer-engagement processes.

Innovation culture

Innovation culture

We strive to build state-of-the-art solutions that are built upon highly scalable and fully modular Open API Microservice, focusing on scalability and agility. This delivers operational efficiency aligned to modern DevOps principes. We follow TM Forum frameworks and best practice standards in the industry.

Digital commerce


Emeldi Commerce® enables CSPs to address some of the key challenges in Telecoms’ Digital Transformation and effectively close the gap between all sales channels, providing a consistent and continuous experience to end-consumers and users across all lifecycles and touch points

Enterprise grade

Enterprise grade

Emeldi Commerce® is included in Gartner analyst reports and market evaluations, such as the CRM Vendor Guide, Magic Quadrant for Digital Commerce, IT Market Clock for Digital Commerce, E-Commerce Vendor Guide, and Digital Commerce Vendor.

The emeldi Way forward

The Emeldi way

The Emeldi product line is underpinned by a comprehensive portfolio of services delivered by experienced teams who posses dynamic skill combinations ranging from development, support and consultancy, through to industry knowledge.