Toronto, CanadaTM Forum, a non-profit member organization, helps communications service providers (CSPs) and their suppliers to digitally transform and thrive in the digital era. It provides an open, collaborative environment and practical support which enables CSPs and suppliers to rapidly transform their business operations, IT systems and ecosystems to capitalize on the opportunities presented in a rapidly evolving digital world.

Emeldi’s objective is to participate and contribute to TM Forum collaborative R&D projects that build best practices, standards and innovative solutions in the telecommunications industry through cost effective joint research and development.

By joining TM Forum Emeldi will fully benefit from knowledge and definitions in TM Forum’s core models — Application (TAM), Business Process (eTOM) and Information (SID) Frameworks.

Emeldi is engaged in helping telecommunications service providers to win the digital transformation race. “Building and executing a successful digital transformation strategy is challenging and takes time as transformation impacts the whole business, not only IT solutions. Applying TM Forum tools, standards and best practice will augment the scope and excellence of Emeldi digital transformation services”, said Dusan Bystriansky, CEO of Emeldi Group.