This latest version of Emeldi Commerce provides the fruits of our continual innovative efforts to ensure that the platform offers the performance, features and capabilities that enable CSPs and MVNOs both to enhance their competitiveness in bringing products and services to market, and strengthen their engagement and retention of customers.

We work closely in long-term relationships with a growing number of CSPs and MVNOs in Europe and North America. This fosters our deep understanding of the strategic, commercial and operational challenges of CSPs.

Harnessing the results of our extensive conversations with them, we have designed and built into version 6.2 a wealth of new software capabilities. These will significantly improve customer experience, reduce total cost of ownership, help reduce churn, and assure quicker time-to-market.

To simplify the whole process, Emeldi Group has developed an all-in-one solution on a consolidated platform, which brings to CSPs and MVNOs the benefits of simplification of customer acquisition and related customer management lifecycle processes.

Features of Emeldi Commerce® Version 6.2 include:

  • Lead & Contact Management
  • Marketing
  • Order Capture
  • Faster Order checkout
  • Customer Tickets
  • Dashboard 360 view
  • Customer notifications engine
  • Data import/export feature
  • New powerful Admin Console
  • Socket Compiler
  • CRM feature upgrade

In today’s ever-growing Complexity of product and service offerings to CSPs brings a present problem to a complexity to manage and efficiently offer customers new products and services.

Our Emeldi team of architects and software product developers is relentlessly focused on simplifying the complexity of managing the customer products and services lifecycle and enhancing agility and performance. By building everything onto an open, all-in-one platform, we are able to provide both the scalability and agility to succeed in today’s rapidly growing and changing market.

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About Emeldi Group:

Emeldi Group is a privately held, leading software provider to the telecommunications industry. Established in 1998, a disruptive product offering has been developed: Emeldi Commerce® – an enterprise-grade, unified Omni-Channel commerce and CRM application specifically designed for the communications vertical, supporting products, services and customer-engagement processes.