Are you operating within the telecommunications sector? Is your goal to transform from CSP (Communications service provider) to DSP (Digital service provider)? If yes, this article is made just for you.

Did you know that according to McKinsey, 70% of all transformation programs fail?

Let’s ensure together that yours will not!

Digital Transformation program implementation is necessary across all industries and could bring long-term market-defining advantages to a company if executed properly.

On the other hand, it uniquely requires radical changes in every company aspect, from operation (Operating model) through people and culture to delivery (Business model), which, together with the high project length and apparent uniqueness of the program, makes it hard to fulfill its goals and objectives.

No matter in which phase of the project you are currently, it could be helpful to look at the most common pitfalls and challenges of Digital Transformation, how to avoid them with the right set of capabilities, and how Emeldi and Emeldi Commerce® could help you in achieving program goals as well as overcome its challenges.

Pitfalls and Challenges of Digital Transformation

  • Lack of clear Digital Transformation strategy, goals, and their communication inside the company
  • Customer and Customer Experience not placed at the center of all changes
  • Not motivated employees with a lack of engagement
  • Not present or not sufficient cross-functional collaboration
  • Absence or insufficient measures to reduce risks during the program
  • Not including experiences or experienced people/companies with Digital Transformation in the program
  • Deficient or inadequate budgeting
  • Pushing Digital Transformation projects for rapid delivery
  • Existing workflows and processes insufficiently adapted to newly implemented digital solutions
  • Change management without significant changes and overall missing change management strategy

Capabilities to avoid or overcome pitfalls and challenges

All the following capabilities are needed to execute Digital Transformation successfully and significantly reduce the risk of common pitfalls and challenges.

Clear strategy
The strategy has to be clear and focused on domains (customer journeys, processes, or functions) that provide significant business value.

To succeed in “Digital” transformation, you must focus on hiring, maintaining, and training your in-house “Digital” talents.

Agile change management
The agile, iterative process of designing, prototyping, collecting feedback, and improving needs to take place as the basis for change management.

Scalable operating model
Digital Transformation requires cross-functional teams across the organization for its execution as well as it’s one of its outcomes. These are one of the operating models to consider – the digital factory, the product and platform model, and the enterprise-wide agility model.

Distributed technology
Distributed technology enables teams to innovate independently by allowing access to data, applications, and software development tools they need, implementing service-based architecture with well-defined APIs, selective migration to the cloud, and automation of provisioning.

Strong data governance
Access to reliable, current data, continuously assessed and updated, that teams can use as needed is critical for Digital Transformation to be successful

How does Emeldi fit into and support these Capabilities?

Emeldi Digital Transformation Services
Emeldi has 25 years of experience managing, consulting, and co-creating various transformation programs, including Digital Transformations. Our experts can help you in any phase and any part of the program as a part of our Digital Transformation Services, as we carried out, for example, the digital transformation program of O2 Czech Republic.

Emeldi Commerce®
Emeldi Commerce® platform offers solutions to achieve program goals in the BSS transformation domain.

It offers modern “Digitally ready” microservice architecture, scalability, and alignment with TM Forum open standards. Its distributed architecture with independently deployable modules natively supports agile methodologies and modern DevOps principles with the zero-downtime release process and automated CI/CD predestinate our platform as a perfect fit as a new “Digital” BSS solution within your Digital Transformation program.

Our platform provides real omnichannel customer-centric capabilities, which include:

  • Product Management with a robust and flexible Product Catalogue,
  • Order Management and e-commerce ready for B2C as well as B2B selling,
  • Customer Management supporting all segments, from resident customers to large holding corporations and their frame contracts,
  • Service management and Self-Service portal enabling the large scale of processes for management of your customers and their services as well as self-service capabilities.
  • Our platform also offers Case Management, Inventory Management, Business intelligence, Workflow Management, Promotions, Campaign Management, Opportunity Management, and more to fit your needs perfectly.

If you need more information regarding Digital Transformation, Digital Transformation Services, and the Emeldi Commerce® platform, don’t hesitate and contact us here or browse our webpage.