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Our partners program enables customers to select a local solution partner with the most experience and expertise to deliver Emeldi Commerce®, whatever their specific business challenges maybe. Emeldi Group’s solution partners have the tools and know-how at hand to work with customers on delivering an excellent out-of the-box e-commerce solution and specific customization features with ease.
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By partnering with Emeldi, you gain access to a stable, proven and successful product with a clear roadmap based on our research combined with experience from numerous international projects within multiple industries. We provide guidance and assistance to our clients including extensive training and 24/7 support.

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We offer joint Marketing and Sales activities supported by our experienced team. This combined with flexible licensing model and strong references represents an unparalleled growth and expansion opportunities.

What can our partners expect from us?

Share Emeldi’s motivation and vision to provide innovative solutions for customers
Experience in telecom, finance, industrial, consulting or private sectors
Proven and trusted track record in their territories
Extensive technological expertise

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