Vinatel Case Study


As a response to the Czech Republic’s significant Vietnamese population, Vinatel was one of the first providers in the country to created a sharp market plan to deliver specifically to Vietnamese users with exclusively cheap rates to Vietnam and offering customer service in Vietnamese. Since their inception in 2014, Vinatel has been offering pre paid and post paid plans off of O2 Czech Republic’s network.

Part of the Spanish group Telefónica Europe, Telefónica O2 Czech Republic serves over six million fixed and mobile lines making it a market leader in fully converged telecommunications services in the Czech market while offers the most comprehensive portfolio of voice and data services in the country. After the opening their network to MVNOs in November 2012, O2 Czech Republic already had eight MVNOs operating off their network 2014 making them an established partner for Vinatel to deploy their market specific telecom services.

CHALLENGE – Mobile Market Transformation

In November 2012, the Czech Communications Office implemented a solution to promote further market equity in a market landscape which claimed by a handful of large players. By implementing a call to action that all major operators open their networks to MVNOs, enabled other smaller telecom providers to enter the market, making it more dynamic and competitive. O2 was a leader in opening their network by becoming the first operator to adopt an end-to-end solution for virtual operators providing:

  • Full support of its infrastructure and mobile network
  • Full support of its operations and business support systems (OSS & BSS)
  • Reliable Customer Care service comprehensive



By 2014, Telefónica O2’s and the Emeldi Group had already developed a portfolio of successes togethers, such as with Gorila, Emtéčko, CEZ, and Blesk mobile networks, so choosing Emeldi again was a nature solution for delivering analysis, design, architecture, and implementation of the MVNO OSS & BSS readiness project.

The Emeldi Commerce® – a comprehensive Java-based fully-fledged enterprise e-commerce solution aimed for deployment into tier-1 telecom, banking, and utilities enterprise service providers – was ultimately chosen as the product to deliver Telefónica O2’s set of requirements in the online channels domain and CRM. The Emeldi Commerce®:

  • Is a ready-made e-commerce product fully deployable into Liferay, requiring only local customization to Telefónica’s lines of business
  • Contains MVNO functionality including:
    • CRM
    • Self-care
    • E-shop
  • Can be fully integrated into operator’s OSS/BSS environment
  • Features a flexible and enhanced user experience
  • Simplifies and standardizes 3rd-party integration
  • Includes optional upgrades designed to develop the solution and solution flexibility further
  • Targets new clients (“digital natives”) using advanced web 2.0 functionality and marketing campaigns Supports the orchestration of business processes and integration with existing OSS and BSS systems

To meet Telefónica O2’s challenge, all of Emeldi Commerce® modules were employed:

  • CRM
  • Order Management
  • Portfolio Content Management
  • Dynamic Page Flow
  • Engine Integration Framework
  • Enterprise Portal Services
  • Customer Intelligence Campaign
  • Management Rules Engine
  • Customer Engagements
  • Marketing Enterprise Portal Management



With Emeldi’s ready-made integrated MVNO-in-a-box, Vinatel was able to get their services rolling in under six month with our comprehensive e-commerce product achieving significant savings in cost and time throughout the project delivery.

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