Computer Sciences Corporation

Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC), founded in 1959, is an information technology and business services company headquartered in El Segundo, California, USA. CSC provides business transformation and IT consulting; systems integration and professional services; enterprise application development and management; application software for the financial services industry; business process outsourcing; and application and IT infrastructure outsourcing. CSC employs about 77,000 people in 88 countries. CSC (UK) is a System Integrator and solution provider to various vertical markets including Telecommunications & Media.



Emeldi Consultants provided the following services to CSC (UK):

  • Definition of an advanced, best-of-breed, component-based BSS/OSS client’s solutions in the mobile market place – CSC alliance with Nokia
  • Definition of CSC’s solution propositions in the GRPS, EDGE and WAP technologies and evolving 3G (UMTS) mobile communications
  • Technical support to sales team pursuing launches of 3rd GSM operators in Western Europe