ČSOB Poisťovňa Slovakia

Since 1964, the ČSOB Group has maintained its role of a leading player as one of Slovakia’s most popular and trusted banks.  Combining the power of its retail brands, ČSOB holds a strong position in several segments of the market (banking, asset management, leasing and factoring), and in 2003 they began delivering insurance services. Being one of the one of the founding members of the Slovak Association of Insurance CompaniesČSOB Poisťovňa provides a wide variety of products, in the field of life and non-life insurance which are designed for both individuals as well as to entrepreneurs and larger corporate clients.

The ČSOB Group is also active in a selection of other countries in Europe through providing private banking and other services to businesses. On the international scale, the Group is continuing to mark their presence in an array or countries and regions.


When ČSOB decided to expand their services, they choose to use a solution and a partner they already knew and trusted. Emeldi was able to successfully deliver the product and services they needed within a rapid deployment time.

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