Launched in March 2014, Gorila Mobil targeted young users with a fresh marketing strategy and very competitive, tapering rates on data as the fourth MVNO to use O2 Czech Republic’s network and complete technical infrastructure. Gorila’s investors included UNIMEX GROUP, a.s., one of country’s largest privately held companies.

Within their first year, Gorila set a benchmark to sell 50,000+ SIM cards which was successfully achieved within their first four months. Through their successful data offerings of up to 20GBs and tapering rates, so the more the users surfs, the cheaper they pay.In July 2014, Gorilla was acquired by O2 Czech Republic. Since they were an “branded reseller” type of MVNO, the contract terms and customer care did not change after this process.



With the Emeldi Commerce® out-of-the-box MVNO solution, which had already been proven the Czech Republic’s telecom landscape, we were able to enable Gorila’s launch in the Czech market with rapid adoption time. The Emeldi Commerce® delivered a comprehensive, full-fledged enterprise e-commerce solution capable of meeting its online channels domain and customer relationship management (CRM) requirements.

Business value added included:

  • CRM
  • Order Management
  • Product Catalogue
  • CPQ / Product Pricing Business Rules x Content Management
  • Digital Commerce
  • Integration Framework
  • Campaign Management
  • Call Center Customer Service Channel
  • Online Self Service Channel

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