O2 Czech Republic

O2 Czech Republic, is a major integrated operator provider occupying the challenger market position in Czech Republic. It is now operating more than seven million lines, both fixed and mobile, making it one of the world’s leading providers of fully converged services. Fairness; simplicity and transparency are the customer approaches that are highly valued among customers, helping O2 continuously achieve the highest Customer Satisfaction Index among all competing operators.


O2 Czech Republic is an incumbent fixed and mobile network operator with a complex legacy systems architecture developed or acquired over a period of 20 years. O2 identified a need for a radical overhaul of the systems environment and initiated a transformation program called “Simple Online Company” with these objectives:

  • Enable easier and quicker introduction of new products and services
  • Enhance the customers’ experience by making online interactions simpler, more appealing with same look and feel across all touch points
  • Achieve large TCO reductions by rationalising and simplifying the systems architecture, business processes and customer interactions
  • Simplify the application architecture by introducing all-channel support in one application, enabling the retirement of the Siebel CRM legacy system
  • Provide full support for MVNOs hosted on O2’s infrastructure
  • O2 Czech Republic chose to collaborate with Emeldi, an established and trusted partner, to produce a custom solution that meets these objectives
    The project is still in progress, as the joint team develops new solutions based on Emeldi’s software taking into account the specific needs of the client