The London Borough of Camden

The London Borough of Camden is one of the 32 boroughs of London, with its southern tip stretching to central London. The Borough’s Council and staff are obligated to provide their 235,000 residents (2014 population estimate) and local businesses within the 21.8km2 district core services, such as rubbish collection, recycling, Council Tax collections, and housing and planning applications.

The Borough’s departments of responsibilities and operations are categorised into the following:

  • Housing and Adult Social Care
  • Children, Schools and Families
  • Culture & Environment
  • Central Services:
    • Finance
    • Legal
    • Strategy and Organisation Development
  • Chief Executives Department



As a democratic institution, it is fundamental that residents and tax-payers have an accessible and informative platform to communicate with the Borough’s council and staff. Emeldi was able to provide The London Borough of Camden a rapid solution to communicate externally on an array on issues, on a seamless collection of platforms.