Emeldi Omni-Touch Point of Sale

Providing a true 360-degree view for CSP service management

Smooth, Consistent Experience

Integrated to NTS Retail PoS Solution, Emeldi Omni-Touch creates a powerful omni-channel experience platform that seamlessly links physical shops with the online world to maximize the potential of both.

  • Improve customer experience and loyalty by offering a personalized customer service
  • Increase conversion and attach rates while gaining revenue through cross-channel sales, assisted selling and new customer service offers
  • Achieve highest product availability by providing accurate demand forecasting based on 360° visibility of inventory and customer orders
  • Better understand your customers’ demands, shopping behavior and their journey across all touchpoints so that you can set the right actions and provide the right value at the right time
  • Enjoy massive improvements in sales generation through increased cross-channel purchasing options and customer productivity.

Converged physical and online shopping

Omni-Touch provides a unified suite of applications delivering all sales processes across both physical and online ecosystems.

  • Accurate and consistent real-time information about products, services and customers
  • Consistent handling of retail processes across any channel and customer touchpoint
  • On-demand fulfillment (same-day delivery, click & collect, online purchase with return in a store)
  • Centrally controlled inventory management — specifically designed for telco fulfillment processes
  • Central monitoring of transactions, goods movements and customer/user behavior
  • Low implementation/customization efforts → out-of-the-box telco solution

Point of Sale Designed Specifically for Telecoms

The Omni-Touch commerce platform provides major components to cover end-to-end customer engagement processes

  • Order entry
  • Special Offers / eligibility
  • Billing-process execution
  • Top-up and quadruple play
  • Online reservation (“click & collect”)
  • Return a product
  • Home Delivery

Easy Integration

Omni-Touch inherently links back-office management systems and customer touchpoints with minimal noise arising from interoperability between heterogeneous software systems.

  • Integrated to the Omni-channel platform via untethered device
  • Product scanning
  • Queue busting
  • Payment Processing
  • Processing on the store floor
  • Shared Product Catalogue
  • Shared Locations

Industry-Recognized Solution

Emeldi Commerce® is a niche telecom disruptor according to Gartner. Gartner has featured Emeldi Commerce® among the leading digital commerce and CRM vendors 4 years running:

  • The Gartner Digital Commerce Vendor Guide, 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2017
  • The Gartner CRM Vendor Guide, 2016
  • IT Market Clock for Digital Commerce, 2016
  • Digital Multichannel IT Solutions for CSPs, Worldwide, 2016

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