Research Partners



In a relatively short period of time, Emeldi Commerce® was recognized by Gartner, Inc. and included in the vendor guide as a Gartner recommended solution. We work regularly with Gartner analysts in order to get the most up-to-date feedback as well as to aid in planning our product roadmap.

Our goal is not only to address existing “wishes” of our clients but to proactively develop and implement a future-proof solution that will serve as the enabler of changes, implementation of new trends and to allow sustainable growth. 


Emeldi Commerce® – Omni-channel platform met qualification criteria for being listed among Vyber CRM partners. Vyber CRM is a consultancy company focused on helping customer in the selection of CRM solution by evaluating customers’ needs and recommending the most suitable solution with the parameters matching best the customer needs.

This proves, that Emeldi Commerce® is full-fledged alternative to standard CRM solution providing additional value added in terms of Omni-channel platform benefits on top of it. 

Emeldi’s objective is to participate and contribute to TM Forum collaborative R&D projects that build best practices, standards and innovative solutions in the telecommunications industry through cost effective joint research and development.

By joining TM Forum Emeldi will fully benefit from knowledge and definitions in TM Forum’s core models — Application (TAM), Business Process (eTOM) and Information (SID) Frameworks.