T-mobile case study


  • Achieve fundamental improvements to customer experience
  • Unify customer profiles & services across all channels
  • Avoid sales cannibalization between channels
  • Realize substantial TCO savings
  • Increase % of online B2C leads & sate
  • Create mechanism for attributing sales credit to appropriate sales channel
  • Provide ability to capture leads which would otherwise be lost
  • Increase # of eCARE transactions online vs. call center
  • Migrate all forms of customer communication to electronic media
  • Consolidate channel silos thus significantly reducing OPEX cost of online landscape
  • Establish a fully Omni-channel Model Delivery


  • Emeldi Commerce evaluated as better fit for T-Mobile over Oracle ATG (DT Group Standard) meeting 100% of stated requirements delivered within the target business case
  • Utilize Emeldi Commerce® Omni-Channel solution in order to make the transformation journey shorter and more economical
  • Provide an Omni-channel solution rationalising all touch points and providing channels for corporate site eSALES and eCARE


  • Decommissioning of multiple disjoint touch-points (silos)
  • Customer experience improvement, cost reductions, and product launch process streamlining
  • Fully unified user-engagement platform focused on CX: corporate site, eSALES and CARE
  • New products, bundles and offers are rapidly introduced via configuration by business administrators
  • More flexibility and reduced costs in platform maintenance and evolution

Customer Measured Results:

  • Financial project return 1€ invested generates 15€ DCF over five year period, plus significant TCO reduction
  • Operational Productivity: Saving 80+ FTE over five year period
  • Customer experience: 25% fewer pages browsed when ordering, resulting in an average saving of 40 seconds per order
  • Product Management: Consistent reduction in time to launch new products, bundles and offers – reduced by 50%