Technology Partners


Emeldi partnership with Oracle allows for seamless integration with complex, corporate standard solutions. This is a critical success factor for achieving and maximizing business value derived from systems’ implementation.

Combined with deep industry know-how of both Emeldi and Oracle, this cooperation is really beneficial to our clients who experience short deployment times while maintaining top quality, high usability and performance of our solutions. 


Our partnership with Salesforce is a perfect solution for clients looking for a cloud-based solution for their CRM needs as well as those who wish to extend into the area of social networking.

Our experienced team of specialists possesses not only the technical know how and skills necessary to develop and deploy solutions quickly. We also provide senior business consultants with years of CRM implementation experience. Through our partnership, our clients not only get a modern, flexible solution but also receive professional support, thought leadership and guidance for further expansion and growth. 


Emeldi as an International Business Machines Corporation(IBM) partner delivers large and top performance, high throughput solutions required to support constantly growing needs and expectations of our clients.

Nowadays, corporate solutions collect, use, store and analyze large volumes of data and timely access, smooth performance and availability is another key success factor when it comes to ePortal solutions. Through our partnership with IBM we are always on top of the most recent technologies, allowing us to implement advanced computing power and storage capabilities as the integral part of our solutions.

Natural part of our delivery model is 24/7 support and maintenance. 


Our partnership with Microsoft Corporation represents a significant benefit and creates significant value related to utilization and use of the industry standard operating system for personal computers as well as for the Office applications.

Customer Care solutions always require integration to back office processes and document management. Emeldi’s experience including periodical trainings and internal certification program is a significant asset that helps us to deliver solutions that address most of the problems that our clients used to face on a regular basis. 


Our partnership with jBilling enables our clients to gain access to a robust, secure and open source solution for enterprise billing. Due to our cooperation, integration efforts are minimal.

This model not only allows for fast and effective implementation but also represents a significant improvement of the service provisioning, assurance, billing and collection processes. Tight links between our solutions enable provision of timely responses to clients and also play a key role in management of revenue integrity and revenue assurance.