ČEZ mobil Case Study


The ČEZ Group expanded their services to new horizons, and has successfully entered the MVNOs market with  Telefónica Czech Republic.


In November, 2013 the ČEZ Group emerged from its traditional business of providing electricity and entered the growing MVNO market in the Czech Republic with its new ČEZ Mobil service. ČEZ Mobil aims to become one of the biggest MVNOs in the Czech Republic alongside Blesk Mobil and Tesco mobile, which were introduced and implemented by the Emeldi Group in 2012 and 2013. ČEZ operates on the Telefónica Czech Republic network, offering the same full coverage as other virtual operators, but with no added infrastructure costs. On top of the basic “I Pay As I Call” tariff, with no hidden fees, customers can activate additional voice and data packages. ČEZ Mobil offers transparent and flexible pricing with additional advantages for existing ČEZ Sales program customers.

ČEZ was established in 1992 in the Czech Republic as a joint-stock company and quickly became a leading energy group in Central and Eastern Europe operating in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria and Turkey. The core business activity of the ČEZ group is producing and selling electricity, but it has expanded into informatics, nuclear research, planning, building and maintaining energy facilities, mining raw materials, and processing energy by-products. Since its conception, the ČEZ Group has developed to be the most profitable and the least indebted power company in Europe.

Telefónica O2 Czech Republic – A Member of the Telefónica Group

Telefónica Czech Republic (operating under the name O2) is a major integrated operator in the Czech Republic with more than six million fixed and mobile lines making it a market leader in fully converged telecommunications services. The company, part of the Spanish group Telefónica Europe, offers the most comprehensive portfolio of voice and data services in the country.

In November, 2012, Telefónica Czech Republic made its wireless communications network services available to other companies at wholesale rates enabling competing mobile virtual network operators to arise nationwide.

Challenge – Mobile Market Transformation

In 2012, due to the perceived long-standing market inequity within the mobile communications market in the Czech Republic, the government body responsible for regulating electronic communications mandated all major operators to open their networks to allow for the introduction of smaller, competing MVNOs. In the ensuing year, over 20 MVNOs came into existence in the Czech Market with O2 networked Blesk, Tesco and ČEZ Mobil being the three largest in the country. O2 offers an end-to-end solution for virtual operators providing:

  • Full support of its infrastructure and mobile network
  • Full support of its operations and business support systems (OSS & BSS)
  • Reliable Customer Care service
  • Comprehensive Self-service for customers


An ambitious initiative was launched internally by Telefónica O2 with the goal of:

  • Meeting the technical MVNO requirements within six months
  • Establishing a business relationship with a suitable partner acting as the country’s first fully operational MVNO


Following the successful implementation of the MVNO OSS & BSS readiness project and, subsequently, the first major MVNO operators within the Czech Republic – BLESKmobil and Tesco Mobile, Emeldi and Telefónica Czech Republic continue their joint cooperation and proudly add ČEZ Mobil to the list of MVNO operators under the Telefonica network.

The Emeldi Commerce® – a comprehensive, fully-fledged enterprise e-commerce solution ideal for tier-1 telecom, banking, and utilities enterprise service providers, capable of meeting online channel domain and customer relationship management (CRM) requirements, was again chosen as Telefonica’s preferred product.

The Emeldi Commerce®:

  • Is a ready-made e-commerce product fully deployable into Liferay, requiring only local customization to Telefónica’s lines of business
  • Contains MVNO functionality including CRM, Self-care, E-shop
  • Can be fully integrated into operator’s OSS/BSS  environment
  • Features a flexible and enhanced user experience
  • Simplifies and standardizes 3rd-party integration
  • Includes optional upgrades designed to develop the solution and solution flexibility further
  • Targets new clients (“digital natives”) using advanced web 2.0 functionality and marketing campaigns
  • Supports the orchestration of business processes and integration with existing OSS and BSS systems


To meet Telefónica O2’s challenge, the entire Emeldi Commerce® modules were employed:

  • CRM
  • Order Management
  • Portfolio
  • Content Management
  • Dynamic Page Flow Engine
  • Integration Framework
  • Enterprise Portal Services
  • Customer Intelligence
  • Campaign Management
  • Rules Engine
  • Customer Engagements
  • Marketing
  • Enterprise Portal Management
  • Single Sign on Framework
  • Notification Framework

Business Value Added

Following the successful deployment and adoption of the Emeldi Commerce®, Telefónica and ČEZ Mobil enjoyed great success with one of the first postpaid MVNO services on the Czech Market. With its strong customer base within the electricity sector, ČEZ Mobil has quickly captured a significant percentage of mobile users.

The Emeldi Commerce® has enabled Telefónica Czech Republic and ČEZ Mobil to leverage both a ready-made, integrated MVNO-in-a-box, and a customized e-commerce product while achieving significant savings in cost and time during project delivery.

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